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What is a DIN Rail Power Supply?

A DIN Rail Power Supply refers simply to a DC Power Supply which can be mounted on DIN rail of one or more types.

DIN Rail is a metal rail which is commonly mounted in control panels, boxes or machines and is used to facilitate the easy mounting and dismounting of a variety of electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, relays, fuses and in this case Power Supplies. The rail is typically made from cold rolled steel and is then zinc plated.

The term DIN refers to Deutsches Institut für Normung which is the original organisation which set out the standards for the manufacture of DIN rail. These standards are now maintained by European (EN) and International bodies (IEC)

The power supplies themselves come in a variety of different voltage and power ratings, typically 5Vdc; 12Vdc; 15Vdc; 24Vdc; 36Vdc & 48Vdc. The power ratings are from 10W and up to 960W. The limit to the size of these units is generally the weight which the DIN rail can support and therefore it is unusual to see DIN Rail Mounted units over 1kW in power.